Straight out of Grindelwald 5


Straight out of Grindelwald 5

vor 5 Jahren

Straight out of Grindelwald 5

vor 5 Jahren

This is the final „Straight out of Grindelwald“ episode of this season. After a difficult winter and short park season we are looking already forward to the next season. Thank you for coming and see you next year in the Snowpark Grindelwald!

Featuring riders are Reto Marolf, Florian Mühlemann, Andreas Nyffenegger, Zeno Guntern, Jrene Zimmermann, Denise Keller, Gino Zahnd, Yanick Pham & Marc Schärer.

Filmed by Florian Mühlemann, Renato Kropf and Yanick Pham

Edited by Florian Mühlemann

Swiss music by
Frost & Fog - Alone (
You all time favorites - Sharks (

Graphics: Simon Baumann | as one creative

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