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Logo Better Call Scuol – The hidden freestyle paradise
01.04.2015, 09:39
Logo Better Call Scuol – The hidden freestyle paradise

Among insiders and Snowpark connoisseurs, it has been known for years as one of the best kept freestyle secrets of the Alps: Snowpark Scuol. Thanks to Swiss quality work by the local shapecrew circled around park designer Curdin Erni, the setup has been optimized year after year. So what you can find there today, is best described as a true freestyle paradise with the staggering number of 38 park obstacles! Reason enough to pay the playground a visit with a handful of talented freeskiers and snowboarders, in order to capture the impressions on film and photos.

Tucked away inmidst the majestic mountain peaks of the southern Silvretta range, in the heart of the Lower Engadin, you will find the picturesque alpine village of Scuol. Already on the way to the Swiss Inn valley tackling a row of steep mountain passes, you get the feeling that you are on the way to discover a hidden secret. And once you eventually leave the gondola at the top of the Scuol/Motta Naluns resort and glimpse at the marvelous mountain panorama on another sunny day you are safe to say: ‘This is a very special place’!
These feelings find their peak when you finally stand at the gates of the Snowpark Scuol, located on about 2,300 meters above sea level. From there, a fantastic snowpark landscape lies at your feet, consisting of 38 creative obstacles, spread across three different park areas. The crew of the day, including the freeskiers Florian Zebisch and Alex Gernhäuser, as well as of the snowboarders Fabian Wolfsgruber and Scuol local Gian Sutter, don’t want to lose much time on a day like this and immediately start throwing down their lines. Always closely followed by the QParks media crew, consisting of filmer Jonas Schürch and photographer Felix Pirker. Let the show begin!
As a warm-up, the boys start off at the rails- and jib-section of the park. Kinked rail, straight rail, lollipop, wall, a-frame box … so many options definitely make the heart of every creative jibber leap for joy! “The lollipop is my absolute favorite!!”, snowboarder Fabian Wolfsgruber explains. “You can try out all kinds of bonks here, that’s just so much fun!”. Also the freeskiers demonstrate what they have learned, whereas Florian Zebisch pulls off the highlight of the day with an impressive 10 obstacles-plus-follow-line.
After lunch, the crew crosses over to the kicker line. While the sun is shining bright over the Schlivera, the snowboarders and freeskiers throw down their best air & style trick repertoire. At the end the extensive session, the entire crew gathers for a decent after-work in what is probably the most beautiful chill-out area of the Alps. With sun chairs, BBQ and a warming afternoon sun working your goggle tan, you can discover the true meaning of Swiss coziness here – high-class chillaxing!
And this is how that action-filled shooting day comes to an end – calm and relaxed in the wonderful Snowpark Scuol – a true freestyle paradise you should definitely call on!
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