The season kick-off at Riderpark Pizol is approaching - Riderpark Pizol


The season kick-off at Riderpark Pizol is approaching

11.11.2015, 17:24
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Riderpark Pizol

The winter season 2015/16 is approaching fast and at the Riderpark Pizol, located in the canton St.Gallen in the Swiss Alps, the preparations for the upcoming season have already started. The setup designs and plans for this year’s specials are already heating up. This year too, the shapecrew is going to do their best to offer you a truly special freestyle experience that really rocks.

Throughout the last years, the Riderpark Pizol has been continuously developed into a unique and well-known Freestyle spot. The Snowpark is ideally located close to the Austrian border and also attracts international riders, so many nationalities have met at the park to work on and improve their tricks. The Riderpark, located 1500 meters above sea level, offers freestyle fun and action for every snowboarder and freeskier, from greenhorn to expert.

This year too, the Riderpark Pizol aims at providing a great variety of events. Actually, the park crew is already working on more than 22 obstacles, including a 8-m long Down Rail and a 7m Kicker. Needless to say: There is not much room for tired bones and slow muscles. Additionally, all snow-lovers have the possibility to draw their first lines in the powder of the backcountry of Pizol. So let’s get ready, prepare your winter gear and start with your warm-up routine.

Anyone who has followed the last seasons knows that after planning and completing the new setup, the Riderpark Crew is allthemore active. In order to maintain skill records for yourself and other generations, a public photo shoot will take place, where professional photographers seek to get the best out of everyone’s moves. Show your repertoire of best tricks and your talent will be banned on picture. Additionally, the SC Pizol will host the event Riders Day Pizol on the 12th of March 2016. Freestyle-Workshop, Contest, Fotoshooting and a Riderslounge with BBQ – absolutely worth dropping by.

In order to keep the waiting period as short as possible until the new season starts, take a look at the highlights of the past season published in two season recaps. You would like to stay updated about the Riderpark Pizol? Get all news updates on the Facebook-Fanpage or on The Riderpark Pizol is looking forward to welcoming you!



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