Riderpark Pizol – relaxed sunshine session high up above Wangs - Riderpark Pizol


Riderpark Pizol – relaxed sunshine session high up above Wangs

04.03.2015, 15:03
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Riderpark Pizol

When the sun illuminates the snow of the “Hohe Spitze” and the endless view on Rheintal and Churfirsten looks like a postcard or tourist advertisement, you can be sure that you’re at the Riderpark Pizol. Impressions such as these simply have to be recorded, so a band of freeskiers, snowboarders and a media crew held an extensive freestyle-session on the Pizol mountain. The outcome: two edits and galleries, which we would definitely consider a Swiss quality product!

The Riderpark Pizol is located on the northeast side of the Pizol, embedded into the picturesque mountain scenery of the Glarner Alps. 17 features in three different park areas – that means plenty of opportunities for the freeskiers Linus de Bros, Marc Welschinger, Minimi Eberle and Ivan Alonso, as well as for the snowboarders Marco Volz, Jan Ackermann and Park Designer Kristof Heidmann. They spent the whole day shredding the Riderpark Pizol, always accompanied by photographer Marco Jörger and filmer Sebastian Funk.
„The park has an awesome location – the scenery and view are pretty unique,” photographer Marco rejoices over the well-made shots. “Also the vibe was great, everyone was motivated for the shooting.” Filmer Sebastian agrees: “We had great weather and a really relaxed shooting. It’s great that the sun shines on the park from morning till 3 in the afternoon, and even though it was warm, the snow didn’t get slushy at all. Not to mention the fact that the view is stunning and the light situation good, which makes it easy for me to do my work.”
„My personal highlight was Marco Volz, who travelled from Feldberg to Pizol just for the Shooting – it’s always great to spend a day in the park with old friends”, Park Designer Kristof Heidmann recounts. Marco Volz’ home base is the Feldberg; “but when I heard that there’s a shooting planned in Pizol, I got in my car and hit the road right away – I was surprised to find out that it is only a two hours drive from Feldberg to Pizol”, Marco laughs. “It’s awesome to ride with Kristof again; I’ve known him for a long time from his time on the Feldberg. Great vibes, park in top condition – no wonder I had sore muscles the next day!”
„I equally liked crew and vibes; on the whole, the shooting and the mood in the park were pretty relaxed”, freeskier Linus de Bros tells us. He is satisfied with the outcome of the session: “I’m happy about my Gap-One-Footer, because it was the first time that I’ve stomped it. But what I liked most were Marc’s kicker-jumps!“ Pizol-Local Marc Welschinger gladly hands back the compliment to his colleague: “My highlight was shredding with Linus all day – his fifty-fifties were the bomb!” Pizol is his home base, “it’s only logical that I love this place the most – besides, from here, you have the best view over the spacious Rheintal valley. But generally, everything was relaxed, I already knew the filmer and the photographer from previous shootings and was looking forward to a easygoing session with some friends in the park.”
And it really was an easygoing day at times: „it was sunny the whole day, so we took a break at midday and sat back at the park entrance a little”, Sebastian reports. “That the small setback of the day: Unfortunately, we had no grill, so I could not serve the Cerlevats (editor’s note: Swiss sausages) I brought along”, Marc says with a laugh.
But enough said now – as promised, we have a lot of footage for you. Check out the freeski- or snowboard edit and the respective gallery. You can find all info and news about the Riderpark Pizol on the website or the facebook page. Stay tuned! Face



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