Cardada - Orselina, the pearl of Lake Maggiore - Cardada Cimetta / Locarno


Cardada - Orselina, the pearl of Lake Maggiore

vor 11 Jahren

Cardada - Orselina, the pearl of Lake Maggiore

vor 11 Jahren

The breathtaking view which can be enjoyed from Cardada is without a doubt the most striking aspect of this splendid mountain, which has earned it the name of "The Pearl of Lake Maggiore". Whether you are just walking along the numerous pathways or relaxing at one of the tables of Cardada's enticing restaurants at a height of 1,340 metres, it offers a stupendous view of the whole of the magnificent Locarno region; from the Magadino plain, continuing along the delta of the Maggia river to the point where Lake Maggiore meets nearby Italy, just after the Brissago islands. Climbing right up to Cimetta at 1,670 metres above sea level, the view widens out even more, offering a 360 degree panorama which stretches out to the whole of the Lake Maggiore basin and the surrounding Alps. The lovely view from Cimetta is absolutely unique, as it allows two extremes of our country to be seen: Switzerland's lowest spot, the delta of the Maggia river between Ascona and Locarno, and the highest spot, Dufourspitze, situated on the Monte Rosa massif and which carves its way through the imposing Alpine chain to the west of the horizon.

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