The Crap Show 2020 #5 LAAX - Flims Laax Falera


The Crap Show 2020 #5 LAAX

vor 1 Jahr

The Crap Show 2020 #5 LAAX

vor 1 Jahr

In all the chaos of the premature end of last winter season, we never found an appropriate moment to release the fifth and final Crap Show of season 2020. With the current drastical drop of temperature in our resort, we thought it might be an appropriate time to start dreaming about snowboarding and get you hyped for the upcoming winter season! The initial plan was to shoot at least one more full day and stack a bunch more clips. Unfortunately COVID-19 caused an unexpected and immediate shutdown of the entire resort. However, we still had enough footage to bring you an entirely new episode of #TCS2020! Now press PLAY and get excited for winter! Riders: Amon Eisenmann, Lorenz Vyslozil, David Hablützel, Boris Mouton, Dave Djité, Severin Van Der Meer, Giovanni Rizzi, Elio Fumagalli, Moritz Thönen & Moritz Boll Video & Edit: Lukas “Blume” Rösli / Additional Camera: Myrionymos Baikouzis Music: Twelve Point Buck - Little Bear / CAYO - W.N.G.D.

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