The Crap Show 2020 #2 LAAX - Flims Laax Falera


The Crap Show 2020 #2 LAAX

vor 1 Jahr

The Crap Show 2020 #2 LAAX

vor 1 Jahr

Looking back on the past few weeks, it’s hard to believe how great January has been! Almost every single day, we were blessed with amazing weather. The skies were blue, the snow was good, the riders were hyped and the park was on point and growing day by day! We couldn’t have wished for a better way to end this month than the big dump of fresh snow we just got in. Enjoy the second episode of The Crap Show season 2020. Riders: Elio Fumagalli, Cederic Neff, Lorenzo Peeters, Max De Vries, Kevin Trammer & Dario Burch Film & edit: Blume Pictures Additional filming: Colden Rand Music: CAYO - X008 https:\/\/\/cayomusic https:\/\/\/cayomusicofficial\/?hl=de

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