The Crap Show 2020 #1 LAAX - Flims Laax Falera


The Crap Show 2020 #1 LAAX

vor 1 Jahr

The Crap Show 2020 #1 LAAX

vor 1 Jahr

This season we’re celebrating the 10th anniversary of The Crap Show! The weather has been amazing over the past few weeks, so we were out filming quite often. As a result, we’re stoked to present you the first episode of a new season in a new decade of our web series. Get ready for over 6 minutes of heavy action by a bunch of truly skilled shredders in our favourite place in these beautiful mountains of Laax. Riders: Mees Oostdijk, Elio Fumagalli, Florian Fischer, Lorenzo Gennero, Severin Van Der Meer, James Niederberger, Max Bärtsch, Kevin Trammer, Hrund Hanna Thor, Jonas Junker, Lucas Baume Film & Edit: Lukas ‘Blume’ Rösli / Additional filming: Colden Rand Music: Nesta and the Blondes - Patience & Yung AK - STAGEDAVE

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